standard The Canada Hopper with Miles

Canada Hopper

I’m taking a page out of Drew’s (Travel Is Free) book here and writing about another possible hopper itinerary using miles. The inspiration for this trip comes from the fact that ANA’s award chart will be changing in a couple of months, and they will no longer allow an amazing four stopovers on each ticket. Canada […]

standard Book The Cheap Fares

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.07.44 PM

I’m a little different than a lot of people in this hobby. I don’t necessarily care about flying in a premium cabin (though I do admit that they’re quite nice). I want to go everywhere. Some places more than others, obviously, but I have such varied interests and also enjoy discovering beautiful things in places that […]

standard Travel Gadget: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite

My new favorite travel gadget is a Kindle. I’m really one of those old-fashioned likes a real-book-with-paper type of gal, so I never thought I was going to like a Kindle, and I had pretty much avoided getting one for the past few years even though I love to read.

standard On Travel Safety (Egypt and Beyond)

point princess

The first thing most people have said to me when they hear I’ll be traveling to Egypt in about two weeks is “Do you feel safe going there?” or something along those lines. Actually, it’s more often a statement that “Egypt isn’t safe” than a question. This post isn’t so much about Egypt, its about travel safety […]

standard Egypt: The Planning Stage


Well, I’m off to Egypt in about two weeks, and just now am I getting to the planning stage for the trip. My friend Aaron and I booked an Etihad mistake fare late last year for only $330 round trip. Granted, flying through Abu Dhabi is not the most convenient, but for that price we didn’t […]

standard Denver to Steamboat: You Need to Stop Here Along the Way

radium hotsprings

I spent the day with my cousin driving from Denver to Steamboat Springs. We get together every year in Colorado for a few days of skiing, and this year we ended up with a little extra time so we decided to venture a little further than we normally do. Once we found out about the 4×40 […]

standard Need Help Booking Award Travel?

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Need help using your frequent flyer miles to book award travel? You’re in luck! I have partnered with Award Magic. Award booking services definitely aren’t for everyone, and they’re not your best bet for every itinerary. Who they’re great for: people who don’t have a lot of time to book award tickets, people who have a lot […]