standard A Day in Yangon, Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda

Yangon is usually a quick stop for tourists traveling through Myanmar. It is the easiest city to get in and out of with many flights a day, most of which are much cheaper than flying from other airports in Myanmar. With limited time, it is best to fill a day with activities in Yangon and then […]

standard Fear and Overcoming It: The Story of a First Trip


Written by Matt Cripps Hello everyone! This is my first blog post ever! It is also about my first real experience traveling and I am still wrought with excitement. Originally, I had intended to write about traveling while being overweight and in my case, well let’s just say that buffet owners cringe in fear when I […]

standard Warm Winter Wanderings

Winter Getaways-4

Written by Sandra Lupini Warm Winter Wanderings One might say the programming for a warm winter began as a child when our family flew from DTW to Florida to stay with the grandparents in Boca Raton for Christmas. These were the days when all classes of flying were FIRST class. Tray tables covered with linen, glasses […]

standard Travel Camera Setup

Nikon D810

I do some professional and freelance photography, so my camera setup is going to be way overkill for most people. At the bottom of the post I will make a recommendation for an entry level camera setup similar to what I started with. Prices are at time of writing (Aug 19, 2015) on Camera: Nikon […]

standard Say Yes While Traveling


Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone it tough. I like to think that most travelers have a pretty open mind; at least that’s true of many of the people that I’ve met. But after trying that new, weird-looking food, spending all day trying not to get scammed in Bangkok, and hanging out with and getting […]