Do airfare deals come in threes? It seems like great fares that I am interested in booking always come in multiples, and most recently it always seems like they come in threes. In way too short of a period of time.

Like this past week. I’ve booked two international trips, and almost booked a third.

Mid-last week, there was that great Etihad mistake fare. I was able to get in on Chicago to Cairo for about $330. Granted, this one isn’t mileage earning… but at a price like that who even cares! I’ll be heading to Egypt for a week in March.

Two days ago, the great Europe fare sale was posted by The Flight Deal. They’re a great resource for finding cheap flights, by the way. Anyway, out of Chicago, the only option I felt was low enough to jump on was Dublin for about $460, and I just so happen to have a couple friends who have been talking about going to Ireland recently… So in May I’ll be going to Ireland for about 12 days with 2 of my friends.

And then yesterday, I was very strongly considering a Philly – Bali trip that was running about $530. Yes. You read that correctly. $530. And it was through Detroit. So, on the outbound, I would have needed to redeem 4,500 British Airways Avios to get to Philly, but on the way home I would have just gotten off the plane in Detroit. But, I couldn’t quite pull the trigger, since I have already booked two flights in the past week. It was a hard deal to pass up!

Anyway, I paid for the Egypt flight on my Amex Gold and got 3 Membership Rewards/dollar, and I paid for the Ireland trip on my Barclay Arrival card, and I plan on redeeming points to pay for most of that ticket.

I feel like this cycle happens often with deals that I am interested in. Relative dry spell, and then too many good options to book them all.  Rinse. Repeat.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way… or maybe the fact that I buy one flight puts me in a “buying mood” and then I’m just more interested in subsequent good fares until it wears off? I’m not sure.

But, at the very least… I’m excited that over the past week I have gone from nothing booked in 2015 to having 2 international trips planned. That’s always a good feeling!


Update: And I went to bed, I kid you not, 3 tweets too early to hear anything about the Emirates mistake fare. US – India was pricing out between $200 and $500. That would have probably gotten a booking out of me. So, In conclusion, great airfare deals don’t come in threes… but they sure do come in multiples!